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Face Hub’s Mission


The mission of Face Hub Aesthetics Clinic is to provide quality patient care with the utmost consideration to clinical quality, patient safety and a supreme passion and commitment to guarantee the very best care for all our patients. We aim to provide high quality patient focused aesthetic care that is readily available, cost efficient and meets the needs of all the community. Our aim is to excel at providing for the aesthetic care needs of our community through quality, efficient and patient-centered care. We are North Dublin’s Premier Clinic who create a supportive and kind environment for our patients and our staff. We aim to enhance the wellbeing of our patients and staff through learning and education. We strive to research and develop our clinic with responsibility to all the community. We support all our staff members in lifelong education to promote the best possible care provided by them. Overall, our mission is to ensure that we treat every patient with respect and integrity and provide the most excellent treatment while they are in our care.

Face Hub’s Values


Service – We provide every patient with excellent service in a safe and comfortable environment. We believe that our patients come first.


Respect – We swear that we will honour the dignity, individuality, and rights to all of our patients. Our patients’ rights to confidentiality, privacy and information are prioritised.


Trust – We will always provide honest and open communication with patients and staff.


Value – We offer the best care, services and technology of the highest quality that is cost efficient.


Excellence – We want our customers’ experience here at Face Hub Aesthetics Clinic to be as excellent and comfortable as possible. We encourage patient’s suggestions to ensure that our clinic exceeds their expectations.


Teamwork – Here at Face Hub Aesthetics Clinic we understand the contribution from all staff to create an organised and cooperative environment to ensure the best care is provided for our patients and community.


Compassion – We provide the highest quality of care while taking into consideration the concerns and personal diversity of our patients.


Communication – We promote open communication that creates a partnership between staff and patients to enhance our dental care’s effectiveness.


Responsibility – We accept accountability for the care that we provide.


Innovation – We are dedicated to a helpful environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.

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