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Baby Botox Benefits!


let’s just clear this up, this isn’t Botox for babies. In fact, it’s the latest in anti-wrinkle treatment, and if you
haven’t already seen it it’s coming to an Insta-feed near you soon.


Baby Botox uses the exact same science. When you ask for “baby Botox,” you’re essentially asking for a
mini dose of Botox. This smaller dose will have less of an effect on your face, and the results will be less
dramatic. Botox is made from botulinum toxin type A. Botulinum blocks the nerve signals that tell your
muscles to contract.


When this toxin is injected into your muscles, it partially paralyzes these muscles until the toxin wears off.
This can minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines since your muscles aren’t triggering the formation of
creases caused by movement.


When a client comes for baby Botox by assessing the way they move their face and what areas are
going to see the most benefit, you can then decide on the dose and target specific areas. The aim of
baby Botox is a face that looks smoother and younger without the “frozen” or “plastic” expression that
can sometimes result from traditional Botox. It can also add volume to areas of your face, such as your

Who should get baby Botox?


Many women in their late 20’s and early 30’s are seeing those fine lines creeping in and wish to stop
them from becoming deep. Baby Botox is ideal for this.

Who should get baby Botox?


Muscle relaxing injections will delay the formation of lines and wrinkles as you age. Whether or not you
should consider preventative treatment is a more complicated question.

And finally, men, can they get baby Botox?


In the aesthetic industry a lot of focus is on women, but there is an upward trend in men requesting
treatments. And of course, they can also have baby Botox.

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